The Talking Revolution is an initiative to improve the quality of human connection worldwide. It’s a revolution that anyone can initiate, whoever and wherever they are.

Creative Conversation is the skill at the heart of the Talking Revolution.

The Power of Creative Conversation is an online course to help anyone make Creative Conversation the basis for how they talk and listen to others.

The ideas at the heart of the Talking Revolution are built on the thoughts and work of many others. We’re especially indebted to Professor Gerard Egan, Andrew Bailey, Adrian Hosford, Daisaku Ikeda and Marshall Rosenberg, all of whom have significantly helped shape our thinking over many years.

But it’s no exaggeration to say we’ve been shaped and influenced by everything we’ve read and every conversation we’ve ever had on this vast and vastly important topic of how we talk and listen to each other. We’re part of a much wider community that’s been working for many years, usually out of sight and unrecognized, on how to establish and improve connection between human beings.

So if you’re part of that wider community and you want to explore how we might work together, please get in touch. We want to hear from you.

Eddy Canfor-Dumas is a writer and an adviser in conflict management. He has written best-selling books and award-winning TV dramas; supported the development of conflict prevention policy in Parliament; worked with the Commonwealth Secretariat, OSCE, NATO and the Swedish Armed Forces; been a visiting lecturer at the UK Defence Academy and a member of the Chief of Defence Staff’s Strategy Forum; and co-led the international civil-military initiative ‘Understand to Prevent’, which produced practical guidance on the military contribution to the prevention of violent conflict. Eddy is also a Samaritans listening volunteer.

Peter Osborn teaches the skills of conversation to people of all ages, in schools, businesses, local authorities, charities and social enterprises. He has written and presented a wide range of videos, produced books and comics for children, and delivered workshops and professional development programmes for a variety of organisations including British Telecom, the Communication Trust, The Stephen Lawrence Trust and Essex County Council. He is also a visiting lecturer at the University of London and a trustee of the bereavement charity The Loss Foundation.