The Politics of Waking Up; a conversation with Indra Adnan and Pat Kane. Pt.1

Indra and Pat are co-initiators of The Alternative UK, a political platform aimed at transforming the language and practice of UK politics – through what they describe as ‘a friendly revolution’.

They point out that 98% of people in this country aren’t involved in mainstream party politics, except to vote in elections, and even then turnout is low. But below the radar they see a burgeoning range of local, grassroots activism, sparked by many different issues, which isn’t reflected in the mainstream.

So – is a new kind of politics emerging, what Indra and Pat call ‘the politics of waking up’?

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The Disunited Kingdom – so how can we heal? A conversation with Kim Leadbeater and Ros Wynne-Jones

With Brexit upon us, can the divisions of the past four years be overcome? Kim Leadbeater, the sister of murdered MP Jo Cox and Ambassador for the Jo Cox Foundation, joins Daily Mirror journalist Ros Wynne-Jones to talk about the practical actions they are taking to help heal the social ruptures thrown up by this jarring episode in UK history.

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