The Talking Revolution is here to help anyone raise the quality of their human connections, wherever they are. To support that process we’ve written a book, recorded an audio version, published an online course on, and will soon be producing regular podcasts. We also offer online and face-to-face learning for organisations of all kinds. Please get in touch to learn more.

‘The Talking Revolution’

The book examines our fundamental needs for human connection and communication, the consequences of those needs not being met and the potential for our everyday interactions to create change for the better.

It outlines the nuts and bolts of effective Creative Conversation – the three core principles of Responsibility, Openness and Creativity, and the three practices of Understanding, Being Understood and Challenging – and how to bring these elements together in the right way, at the right time, by listening to your own internal Conversation Manager.

Download the ‘Introduction’ chapter using the form opposite.

Audio book also available.

The Power of Creative Conversation – Online Course

This course is for anyone who seriously wants to enhance their connection with others. It comes in a series of bite-sized daily points which can be applied straight away in the context of your normal daily life at home, at work, socialising wherever you find yourself. Little by little, over just a few weeks, change will start to happen . . .

The Talking Revolution – Online Community

A free online hub for anyone concerned about improving the quality of human connection, locally, nationally or internationally. Join us to meet fellow travellers, share stories, inspiration and information, encourage others and be encouraged.

The Talking Revolution Podcasts

This series focuses on a range of very different people, doing very different things, but for whom value-creating conversation plays an essential role. We look at the foundations of helping with Professor Gerard Egan; at reconciliation and restorative justice with Jo Berry, whose father died in a terrorist bomb attack, and Marina Cantacuzino, founder of The Forgiveness Project; and at the abuse of status in all the settings of life with Professor Robert Fuller. More episodes are in production right now, and many more are planned. There are stories about the transformative power of conversation everywhere.

If you have any suggestions or stories for the podcast we’d love to hear them – just drop us a line.