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Talking revolutionaries are people who decide to revolutionise their relationships  – with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours – by using the spirit and skills of creative conversation. There are many ways to do this . . .

  • It explains the thinking behind the creative conversation in straight-forward, practical terms
  • Deciding to take up and employ just one of the many elements it offers can have a dramatic, positive effect on how you connect with another person
  • Maybe start with someone you know and would like to communicate with more freely.
  • Begin with the simple intention to create ‘something of value’, e.g. a better connection, deeper understanding, some hope, more trust.
  • Support your conversation by using one or more of the six elements of Creative Conversation
  • If Creative Conversation helps you, pass it on.
  • Point them to this website, buy them a book.
  • Spread the word!
  • A 63-day easy-to-follow programme of change
  • Short daily prompts delivered to your phone
  • Changing relationships at home, at work, and in society
  • Just as there are debating clubs and book clubs, you could get a group of friends together and talk about any topic using the principles of Creative Conversation.
  • Embed some positive habits while exploring potentially contentious or divisive issues.
  • Talk in new ways, and create something of real value together.
  • To explore how we might help you and/or your organisation more directly e.g. 1-2-1 coaching, group workshops, consulting