Have you ever replayed a difficult conversation in your head and agonised about how it went so badly off-track, or what you might have said to bring about a better outcome?

Have you ever felt the frustration of being unable to break through a seemingly impenetrable barrier with a particular person to reach (again) a point of mutual understanding and connection?

And have any of your relationships ever broken down because that barrier couldn’t be breached? Or in your family perhaps?

This is the personal pain of miscommunication – and it doesn’t come just from relationships that break down. Increasingly, it’s the result of feeling unable to connect with anyone at all. And there’s growing evidence that the ‘developed’ world is experiencing a growing ‘loneliness epidemic’ that could be as damaging as obesity or smoking.

A talking revolution aimed at transforming any of these personal pains will reap enormous benefits. And we have the tools to hand – in creative conversation.

So if this is a pain you want to transform, why not initiate a talking revolution right where you are, right now?